"Deep in the heart of Chicago’s Southside, you’ll find an unapologetic woman rocking stages, open mics, protests, and the city’s street corners with hard-hitting rhymes rooted in her experiences and reflecting her beliefs.

Born Jasamine Harris, TWEAK’G is a rapper who embraces her womanhood, military past, activism, and the complexities of the urban environment to compose vivid pictures in her music. Her love of hip-hop and talent has led her to perform 100+ shows in Chicago, including the Wicker Park Fest and Ever Evolved’s Her Story.

In her activism, TWEAK’G was a key leader of the youth advocacy group “FLY (Fearless Leading by the Youth)”. FLY ran a 5-year campaign that pushed the University of Chicago’s Trauma Center to raise its age limit to 18 years old, leading to more care for gunshot victims on Chicago’s South Side. TWEAK’G has also organized against police violence impacting Black women and girls, which found herself on the frontlines of protests confronting the Chicago Police Department.                 

Now, totally focused on the music, she is currently working on several upcoming projects and sets her sights on increasing her loyal fanbase.   

TWEAK’G believes that her identity and story provide listeners with an authentic music experience. Whether it’s songs about how she copes with the loss of loved ones, or party anthems embracing her love for women and marijuana, she remains unafraid to be vulnerable and transparent. TWEAK’G is ready and coming.  

                                                                                           -- TWEAK'G

"People used to always tell us, 'Protests won't get you anything. You guys are going about it the wrong way.' The short response is, look at us now. May 1, 2018, a Level 1 trauma center is opening on the South Side of Chicago for adults."

                                                                                           -- TWEAK'G


#TraumaCenterNow  •  05/01/2018

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